HOOPX Airdrop Event

Airdrops Reward

$5 worth of HOOPX

Number of Winners


End Date


Distribution Date



HOOPX is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way investors manage their crypto asset portfolios. By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, HOOPX offers users a seamless and intelligent solution for maximizing their investments and achieving optimal returns. 

We are delighted to introduce our HOOPX & CryptoGatez airdrop event.

All valid participants will get the rewards. To ensure fairness, all entries will undergo manual verification, eliminating spammers and duplicate accounts.

Boost your chances of winning by inviting friends to join the event.

🏆 The top 200 referrers will share $3500 worth of HOOPX as outlined below:

🥇 1st place: $150 worth of HOOPX
🥈 2nd place: $125 worth of HOOPX
🥉 3rd place: $110 worth of HOOPX

🔸 4th place: $90 worth of HOOPX
🔸 5th place: $75 worth of HOOPX
🔸 6th to 10th place: $60 worth of HOOPX each
 🔸 11th to 20th place: $30 worth of HOOPX each
  🔸 21st to 50th place: $20 worth of HOOPX each
  🔸 51st to 100th place: $15 worth of HOOPX each
     🔸 101st to 200th place: $10 worth of HOOPX each

🚀 Get ready to compete and secure your spot among the top referrers! Good luck! 🌟

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